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Pre-formulated Solutions for Unique Needs
For years, Survait worked exclusively on custom market research products for national brands. Throughout the process of creating "custom" platforms, universal needs revealed themselves. In 2014, Survait began developing specific products for certain vertical industries. What does this mean for you? If your industry falls into one of the categories below, we have a product ready to roll at a fraction of the price of a customized solution.

Don't see your industry listed below? Hey... we'd love to hear from you. Perhaps we could partner in the development of a product that would serve you and your entire industry.
Zoos and Aquariums
ZooTech Solutions
Zoos and Aquariums rely on members and visitors to keep their doors open. What better way to engage visitors than with an interactive visitor experience and post visit membership sales tool? ZooTech Solutions created zoobit to capture feedback, contact information, entertain, educate and follow through all with the same mobile based program.
Science Centers
Science Center Solutions
Science Center Solutions creates fun, interactive technology to improve the member's or guest's visit experience. MySci is a post visit data tool that easy and quick and engages the guest or member in a rewarding experience while gathering very pertinent information.
Museums and History Centers
Museum Tech Solutions
Members and visitors are the lifeblood of any museum or history center. Survait's division MuseumTech Solutions took the experience gained from the Zoos, Aquariums and Science Centers and creates fun, interactive, mobile technology tools like musezip that enhance the visitor's experience and captures post visit feedback. It's a great tool to increase membership, sell upgrades and maintain on-going member dialog through a highly efficient CRM program.
Golf Courses
Golf Tech Solutions
Courses are closing. Golf rounds are down nationwide. Golfers are getting pickier about where they spend their time on the links. It is important to fully understand your players so that you can capture more rounds each year and set your course apart from the other courses in your area. Rate My Round allows the player to provide instant feedback in under a minute. It also has great on-course promotional opportunities to feature golf packages, club house dining, upcoming events and pro-shop retail specials.
Sales Force Support
Know what’s happening on the retail floors across the country right now.

All of the power of real-time data capture and analytics is now available for your team with RetailEval by Survait. RetailEval is the fastest, most efficient and cost effective way to conduct retail level product sales review and analysis.
Learn More about RetailEval
Product Manufacturers, R&D and Retail Evaluation
Consumer Retail Insights
Consumer Retail Insights specializes in gaining input that can improve the R&D process, better understand the retail experience from the customer's perspective, and provides the power of a complete retail space evaluation program in the palm of your hand.
Learn More about the various Consumer Retail Insight offerings.
Wine and Spirits
VinTech Solutions
What is your mindshare? How is your brand perceived? Do you offer the desired value proposition? What does your customer really want to know about you, how do they find out and most importantly what motivates then to buy your products. BevEval does just that by polling consumers that fit your target and providing the data you need to gain better market share. Perfect for dta capture, on-line promotions and tasting events, BevEval is design with one thing in mind - drive sales.
Restaurants and Dining
Guest Evaluation Solutions
96% of unhappy diners never complain to management about a poor dining experience. 90% of those diners will go on to tell others about their experience. Wouldn't it be great to give those diners a way to express their feelings in a safe, comfortable environment so that you can turn their negative experience into a positive one?

Guest Evaluation Solutions has a host of offerings available to improve your guest experience.
Learn More about the various Guest Evaluation Solutions offerings.
EDUTech Insights
What are the current concerns about your educational institution? The hot topic. The main buzz. What's really going on with the students. EDUView is a customizable tool that can be deployed on a moment's notice and tap in to the opinions, attitudes and issues that shape your school on a daily basis. This valuable tool has been sucessfully used to identify key concerns about bullying and help define solutions and processes that were put into place to resolve the issues.

Educators love it because of its simplicity yet thorough approach. Students find satisfaction in knowing they can engage in EduView with complete privacy with anonymity in their total control.

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