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User Friendly
No downloads required. Completely compatible with any device.
Survait isn't just usable on all devices it is mobile friendly. With over 50% of all web traffic being delivered over mobile devices, Survait has developed a user interface that adapts to whatever device they have and makes all buttons and icons easy to click. No more mis-scored responses because buttons were too small and no more need to resize screens.

Survait boasts a 90%+ completion rate of all of its data collection programs. The reason? We make it easy for the user to navigate, understand and complete in a short period of time. No 100 question surveys here. We help you distill your needs down to the true actionable data points and collect those in a conversation with your user. We ask users to share information in the same language that they would use in talking with an old friend over coffee.

No Nebulous Rating Scales - Rate your experience on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the best. What does a 5 look like? How about a 3 or a 4? How can you rate something when you aren't even sure what the ratings mean? Survait is changing the game with a rating scale that everybody can understand.

DIY vs Custom
Most companies offer you an "easy to use" system that let's you build your own survey platform. Sure you could do it yourself, but it reminds you of trying to complete one of those Pinterest projects. Somehow your results aren't going to turn out looking and performing as well as the examples provided. Survait doesn't think you should go it alone. We have designed standard surveys that meet the needs of our users by talking to our users to find out exactly what information is important to them. We then build you a best in class platform that performs and looks as good as the examples we provide. If your needs don't quite measure up to the standards, just let us know and we can help you design the perfect platform.

Instead of just scratching off an item from your "To Do List" why not get the best product for your needs.

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